Solutions - PSE iSystems

Building Management System Integrator

Our solutions are built from the ground up to deliver customize platform carter for each building unique needs and requirement. Our interoperable building management system provides a sustainable foundation that supports and evolves with your building system’s lifecycle.

Key features of our building automation solutions:

Open Source Systems

System based on web platform with multi open source protocol.

Real Time

Interactive User Interface
Displaying real-time information allows comprehensive knowledge of building equipment operation.

Smart Controls

Sequence of controls based on priority, day and time and pre defined parameters.

Live Notifications

Alarms notification via mobile message and email to keep up to date of your building operation.


Ease of scalability allows localize system integration hence improving cost effectiveness.

Green Mark Measurement and Verification System

As one of the leading companies that specialize in Measurement and Verification System required Building Construction Authority and National Environment Agency, achieving a energy efficient building is one step closer.

Smart Space and Metering Solutions

Our smart space and metering solutions comprehensively integrate different type of meters – gas, electric and water to keep user up to date with their real time usage.

Field Devices Solutions

Our wide range of highly accurate and reliable digital and analogue field devices are just what you need. 


In our extensively digitalised world, it’s no surprise that the Internet of Things, or IoT for short has become a centrepiece of many smart buildings and applications systems. From monitoring the use of office spaces and restrooms to facilitate cleaning, to enabling self-adjustment and optimisation for HVAC systems, the integration of such smart technology into our corporate buildings has made the management and maintenance of such structures more intuitive than ever.

So, it goes without saying that leveraging the potential of the IoT is integral to realising greater value in acquired data, which can eventually translate into savings.For example, having smart monitoring for energy consumption will make it easier to identify and address inefficiency allowing companies to achieve energy savings.

Additionally, the sheer connectivity brought doorstep through IoT devices cannot be understated as it presents opportunities to improve user experience. In fact, it is already common to see IoT-enabled implements in commercial office environment. The improved user experience and energy savings capabilities makes the IoT a must have in any modern, forward thinking offices and homes.